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Looking for your next startup idea ? Markov's incubator allows you to generate startup pitches using Markov Chains. This experiment uses real pitches from real startups

How it works

Markov's incubator uses Markov chains to generate pitches.

Let's take a simple example. If one pitch is "Our startup is the best" and another is "Our startup rocks", we'll deduce that "startup" is followed by "is" or "rocks" each with a 0.5 probability. To generate a new pitch, we'll start with a random word and use these probabilities to find the next words.

You can find a much better explanation here


The pitches come from the Vivatech 2017 edition: therefore they are mostly from French startups. I tried to mask the names of the companies, but some may have slipped.

Design is (heavily) inspired from a Google Experiment

The heart of the generator is a JS port of the wonderful Markovify

Source code is available here

Made with love by Eliot Andres

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