School Project // Innovation award // Mobile App + Hardware Sensor

The project

One of the school laboratory was developing cutting edge pollution sensors and was struggling to find a market for it. We were asked to develop a complete set of technology to put them to good use. Using Design Thinking and the classic process of inspiration, ideation, iteration, we proposed an integrated solution to monitor the pollution levels in your everyday life. We were proud to receive the school Innovation Award.

The software stack

We collected data from several state pollution monitoring department : Express made gathering and storing data from several apis effortless. We used Cordova to make a simple cross-plateform app.

The hardware stack

The user had to easily access data from the sensors. To do so, we prototyped a simple connected object. We used the spark core to access data from the sensor using wi-fi. As for the case, we made made a 3D model using Autocad Inventor and printed it using the school 3D printer. Add a small battery and 5 leds, and you've got the result : a connected, portable pollution sensor.

What I learned

First thing I learned is that hardware is hard. We just took the project from ideation to prototyping, and we bumped into a lot of issues. I can't imagine how hard industrialisation must be ! I also understood how important user feedback is, and how to build user stories.